Frequently Asked Questions


Are the photos inkjet prints?

Absolutely not.  We print using a Lambda printer which uses three lasers, red, green and blue, to simultaneously expose the kodak photographic metallic paper, producing the image in a single pass. The photographic material is then processed in the same manner as traditional photography by developing the paper in a “wet” silver based film processor.


How do you get the vibrant glossy look?

The photos are printed on a Metallic photographic paper. The look of the photograph can brighten, depending on the light which gives it that vibrant look.


Are the photographs manipulated?

Most of the photographs are shot digitally, so by default there is always a small aspect of digital manipulation involved in just importing and exporting. However, we only use standard colour-style enhancement techniques and tools.  There is no re-creation of the image involved such as adding elements and clouds etc.  All the photographs are a reflection of the real environment and we go to great lengths to ensure we capture the right time of day and light.


Are the photographs signed?

All the prints are signed by the artist.


Can I follow your blog?

Anyone can join and follow us on our blog or on facebook.  Comments are welcome.